Our Firm

Cogna Management Solutions Inc. provides business advisory and consulting services to small, medium-sized enterprises. Founded in 2000, by Alka Sood, Cogna has served clients in the Asia/Pacific, South Africa and Canada. We coach and advise companies seeking to grow, reduce their costs and/or increase their profitability. Our approach and methodologies use a combination of business analytics, best practices and performance targets from which we tailor solutions best suited for our clients. But most importantly, we are committed to empowering organizations by transferring skills and capabilities through our services which include hands on training, detailed procedure manuals, business advice and workshops.

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Our Value Proposition

Our clients take their businesses to the next level; and they learn along the way becoming more independent during the process. The value we bring to our clients can be tangibly measured and translated to their bottom line. We only serve clients where we are confident that they will receive a return on their investment in us. This is demonstrated through our testimonials and the results we deliver.

About Alka Sood


Alka Sood earned her stripes as a top management consultant with Deloitte Consulting where she started her career in 1987. Deloitte is the brand under which tens of thousands of dedicated professionals in independent firms throughout the world collaborate to provide audit, consulting, financial advisory, risk management, tax and related services to select clients. Until 1999, Ms Sood advised a variety of organizations in business process re-design, cost management, performance measurement and product and customer profitability through both the Toronto and Hong Kong offices of Deloitte Consulting. She brings a fresh, independent perspective to her clients because of her exposure to a wide range of organizations from around the globe. Her clients were based in Canada, the US, Hong Kong, South Korea, and South Africa. She founded Cogna Management Solutions Inc. in 2000 where she continues to serve clients in Southern Africa and Canada.

Her work has engaged professionals at all levels of organisations including specialists, managers, senior executives, MDs, CEOs. As a seasoned practitioner she brings finesse and professionalism to helping her clients at both the tactical level, with well-structured business analytics, and at the corporate level, where an appreciation for the softer issues associated with change management and organizational redesign is needed.

Her most notable achievements have included her work in the area of Regulatory Economics. Having assisted both private operators and regulators in Canada, Hong Kong and South Africa, for over 20 years, her experience has spanned several jurisdictions on major impactful projects such as formulating regulatory policies for price controls, interconnection charging, financial regulatory reporting, universal service, and number portability for world-renowned regulatory agencies such as OFTA (Hong Kong), ICASA (South Africa) and the IDA (Singapore). In addition, she has consulted extensively with major fixed line operators in areas such as regulatory strategy, customer and product profitability reporting, network cost analysis and process re-design. Most notably, she developed and implemented some of the first series of regulatory initiatives upon commencement of market liberalisation in South Africa which included the review of telecoms pricing and affordability, competitive pricing practices, interconnection tariffs (MTRs / FTRs) and the development of principles for cost allocation and regulatory accounting practices.

Further to her specialisation in analytics and regulatory economics, she has participated and led numerous engagements in strategic planning, stakeholder management, capacity building and training.  Virtually all her engagements have included professional training.

“One of my core values is transfer of skills and capacity building. I believe in strengthening organizations through knowledge ware and confidence.”