“Knowledge only becomes powerful once it is acted upon.”


Business Analytics

Business Analytics

Being clear and focused is always a challenge for any business. Define the levers that make your business successful or alternatively mire performance.

We assist clients in deconstructing their financials to understand the impact of their decisions. For example, our analytics can link sales performance to sales spend to help you maximize the impact of sales activity.

Activity based costing, target costing and network routing are just some of the tools that will help you understand the impact of your decisions on your results. Please  contact us to learn about our engagements.

Performance Improvement

Performance Measurement

A key indicator of whether you need to improve performance is if your prices or costs are out of whack. Get out of your cocoon and observe your competitors – are they outperforming you by offering better value? If so, rethink your business from the ground up because your customers will inevitably catch on and move away.   Or, you may want to grow – and you can’t do this unless you understand how to leverage your strengths and address your weaknesses.

Your business will continuously change – keep on top of your performance targets, drive sales, streamline operations and stay ahead of the game. Please contact us to learn about our engagements.

Business Planning


Why bother planning, your fate is predetermined? Why bother setting goals when there is so much unpredictability out there? Reaching for success requires setting ambitious targets, creating the awareness to determine what you need to get there, and then setting a course to realize those goals.

A plan doesn’t need to be complex – just achievable and actionable. Business plans aren’t just “paperwork” to get financing; they make you define your goals, chart a course forward and make sure you are accountable for the outcomes. Put yourself on the right track and get the results you’re aiming for. Please  contact us to find out about the types of plans we have created.

Capacity Building

Capacity Building

We love to see our clients empowered with knowledge and capabilities to move forward. We pride ourselves in creating and developing the best training models to guide our clients on the road to success. Commitment to transferring knowledge and building capacity is essential if you want to empower your employees and leverage your strengths.

Our capacity building programs comprise three phases:  knowledge transfer; case studies with practical examples; and hands-on training to solidify skills transfer. Please contact us to create a training program tailored for you.

Regulatory Economics


This is our specialty service line we offer our telecommunications clients. If you want to understand lofty subjects such as accounting separations, interconnection, universal service, price control regulation, then we have the fodder for you.

We have assisted regulators and operators in this domain for over 25 years spanning several jurisdictions on major impactful projects such as formulating regulatory policies for price controls, interconnection charging, financial regulatory reporting, universal service, and number portability for world-renowned regulatory agencies such as OFTA (Hong Kong), ICASA (South Africa) and the IDA (Singapore).

We know how to balance the demand for better regulation and optimizing business performance. Our policy work has always demanded the ability to negotiate, collaborate and facilitate – critical skills for successful execution. Please contact us us to find out about some of the work we have done.