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Unlock the potential of what your business can achieve.  Seeking to advance your companies or do you have a business problem than needs to be resolved.  Use financial information, under the guidance of a coach, to increase your acumen and build your confidence in financial management.  My coaching sessions are designed to help you gain clarity on the financial issue you wish to resolve, uncover the root cause that needs to be addressed and then design a road map to successfully resolve the challenge you are facing.  

This 1 hour consultation gives you the opportunity explore any financial management challenges you are experiencing.

This is ideal for those who want a deep dive into a specific financial issue. This three-part series is designed to provide clarity on a specific issue, learn how to analyze the problem using financial information, developing an action plan and a follow-up session to assess your progress.

This is ideal for those who want to build their financial acumen and would prefer one-on-one training on key concepts, learning how to apply these concepts and then practice what they have learned in a live environment. This program is tailored for each client and comprises eight (8) bi-weekly sessions.

Advisory Services

Business advisory services are provided through customized consultation in the following areas:

Hire a part-time CFO to stay on top of your finances.

Create a financial road map to achieve your objectives.

Create customized cash management tools.

Develop management reporting and dashboards.

Develop analysis to help you understand costs, break even, product profitability, customer profitability, segment profitability.

Develop tools to inform quotation practices.

Improve efficiencies in your finance function.

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