Learn how to master finance on your own terms. Our case studies provide real-world examples on how other business owners have used finance to make decisions. Then, if you would like to up your game, you can practice with our free or pay-for-use tools. Begin with a quick 5 minute quiz to test your knowledge and then explore the other tools for fun. Our on-line learning lets you build your knowledge at your own pace. We will continue to expand this section so keep coming back. And finally, if you’d like some personalize coaching or want to attend a live master class you can take that route. Choose your journey, master finance at your own pace.

Test Your Knowledge

How much do you know about financial management?
Is it enough to effectively manage your business?
Test your financial acumen.

Let’s Talk Money

Here are 10 tips to better understand how to manage money.

Create Your Cash Flow Plan

Cash fuels your business.
Without cash your operations can come to a grinding halt.
Do you have enough cash flowing through your business?
Build a plan so that you can be on top of your cash position.
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Create Your Own Budget

A budget helps you stay on track with your finances.
Without a budget, you are driving blind, and you can quickly lose control of the wheel.
This free budgeting tool can help you start planning today.
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Financial Glossary

Do you ever feel like people are talking in a different language when finance comes up?
Do not let these confusing terms scare you.
Access this free glossary to demystify financial language.

Ratio Calculator

Financial ratios measure the performance of your business.
These ratios can help describe profitability, liquidity, and leverage.
Enter the required information into this free tool and find out what ratios you have.
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