Going to the bank

Preparing for “the talk” with the banker Timothy operates a successful trucking company.  His transportation company serves customers across Ontario with a fleet of 25 trucks and 50 trailers.  All but 5 of his drivers are on his payroll and he uses the 5 to deliver when all his trucks are fully occupied.  Timothy [...]

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Accountability starts with better accounting

Accounting is an administrative exercise for taxation purposes only George operates a marketing and advertising business that has been growing rapidly.  He was expanding his services to include social media advertising.  He has some marquis clients that were a significant part of his business and he was proud of his celebrity network as [...]

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Construction pit falls

Where is my money? John and Mary have a residential construction business.  They build multi-unit dwellings, mostly triplexes and fourplexes, for private investors.  Currently they have five projects on the go, each at different stages of development with different field teams on each job.  With so many projects on the go, the couple always [...]

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Budgets don’t always lead to profit

Budgets matter Henry is an electrical contractor that provides residential electrical installation services as well as maintenance and repair services.  He has almost 50 employees working in the business and they are divided into two teams:  residential construction and services.  Each employee has a truck and Henry has an estimator that responds to [...]

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Becoming Fearless over finance

You don't have to be a math whiz to master finance Julia just joined a dental office with her three partners.   She was asked to become a co-owner of the business and entrepreneurship intrigued her. Before she joined, each practitioner is responsible for different parts of the business:  marketing and client services, human resources, [...]

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What happened to my margin?

Eroding profits Jim is proud of his roofing business! He founded it several years ago and has a large team of installers and labourers on his payroll.  Jim deals primarily with commercial businesses and considers himself a savvy business owner.  He negotiates his contracts using a pricing tool that he believes will yield a 30% [...]

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True Cost

What is my profit? Emily operates a clothing store on the west side of Toronto in the heart of the fashion district.  She has grown her business organically to just over $2 million in revenues and features Canadian designers as well as her own label, Chic Design.  Emily is now considering introducing a new [...]

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Leaking money – there’s a hole in my business

Getting ahead of cashflow challenges Tony’s plumbing business has gained a great reputation among local residential customers as well as the local municipality in his town. Tony provided his 25 trades with great benefits, their own trucks and he prided himself on how well he looked after his extended family.  But Tony always struggled [...]

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